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Created 12/03/2000 T. Milius
Changed 23/03/2018 T. Milius


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Version V3.81


!SIBOConv is the RISC OS portation of a collection of file converters of Andrew Brooks which converts Psion S3 files from and to more common formats which can be used under RISC OS. Please note this software is not Freeware but PostCardWare. That means that if you are using this programs regulary you have to send a postcard of the city where you live to:

Andrew Brooks
c/o Satellite Station, Dundee University

The programs are open source. You can obtain the source from Andrew Brooks Homepage. Of course if you are RISC OS user you can get the sligthly modificated source from myself too.

At general questions you should talk to Andrew Brooks. If you have questions about the RISC OS-Version which is more likely please talk to me first.

You can use the programs in command line mode but normally I prepared !SIBOConv for usage whith PsiFS of Alexander Thoukydides.

Following tables show how the files will be translated:

Psion S3-format to RISC OS converting
Psion S3 file type RISC OS file type Remark
Word Text -
Word HTML -
Agenda TSV -
Sheet TSV -
Sheet HTML -
Data TSV -

RISC OS to Psion S3-format converting
RISC OS file type Psion S3 file type Remark
TSV Sheet -
TSV Data -



Version V0.12


!Psionconv is converting Psion S5/S5mx/Series 7/Netbook files into files, which can be edited under RISC OS.

Following table shows how the files will be translated:

Psion S5-format to RISC OS converting
Psion S5 file type RISC OS file type Remark
Word A directory is created. Inside this directory there is a HTML-file "index.html", which contains the Word-Text coded as HTML 3.2 and HTML 4.0, and a file "styles0/css" with the style definitions. Embedded objects will be placed also into is directory, if they can be converted. HTML 4.0 styles are not finished yet, but there are only few Browsers which are able to handle HTML 4.0 Styles.
Sheet CSV Character translation is possible at CSV output.
Data CSV or HTML table Character translation is possible at CSV output.
Agenda -
Sketch Sprite
MBM Sprite
Clip Art Sprite
OPL Text file Character translation possible
Recorder ARMovie/Data file In the moment only PCM 8 Bit A-Law format will be converted into ARMovie 8 Bit signed linear. The data of all other formats will be stored unchanged inside a normal data file.

!Psionconv is Freeware. Code is as OPEN SOURCE available.


For Psion stopped the production of its pocket computers !Psionconv will be no longer developed. However in the moment it will be still adapted to the latest RISC OS version.


Information about privacy protection can be obtained here.