Windows CE

Created 23/12/2004 T. Milius
Changed 04/01/2005 T. Milius


With the replacement of my PSION S5 by a Windows CE based DBOOK1 the crashes came over myself and especally such crashes which are requiring a resetup of the DBOOK1. After 4 frustrating weeks which acknowledged the expierences I made with Windows (just installed already destroyed) until then I managed it to write a DOS script which recovers all the programs from the CF-card together with the registry entries within some seconds.


In some cases it is interesting to know which entries and settings of the Registry are belonging to a particular application. You can obtain this with the following program called RegExtract. You have to store all registry entries before an installation of a program and afterwards. Both groups of files are passed to the program in directories. RegExtract will then calculate this entries which have been changed or have been added and will store them inside a Registry file which can be loaded to recover the changes. Because of the fact that such a file can't remove entries such entries are not listed.


The usage of the program is done on your own risk.


Regarding entries inside Pocket-Outlook (dates, addresses) the situation looks sad under CE. The data is kept inside Pocket-SQL-databases which can't be accessed over the file system and will be lost at each hard reset. Only with the proprietary ActiveSync interface data can be stored or loaded from a Windows PC. MAC OS, LINUX amd RISC OS owners are not supported as usual at Microsoft products. But even PC-users are effected if the pocket computer must be reinstalled just after starting a business journey because you can't access your regular PC at home.

My selfwritten JavaScript program solves this problem. You can start it after installation on your pocket computer by simple opening the according HTML-page. After start you can store the dates and addresses into a HTML-File and you can load them from this file afterwards. ATTENTION: Never import the same file twice or import a file with just stored entries whilst old entries are still existing. This will double the dates and addresses. On the other side you can load additional dates or addresses from analogue build files. The HTML files containing the data can be saved and synchronized with other computers (with according programs).

Unfortunately the program isn't perfect because it isn't able to export large texts (JavaScript type problem) and on the other side can't import exceptions at repeating dates (API doesn't behave like documented).

The program should work on nearly all Windows CE based computers providing Internet Explorer and Javascript. I tested the program under Windows CE 4.2. It is likely that the syncronisation in conjunction with ActiveSync is lost. However I am not an owner of a Windows PC and so I can't checked this.

The program has been designed for people which are not owning a computer which can run ActiveSync. There are other programs and may be much better ones to store and to import Pocket Outlook data than my program..


The usage of the program is done on your own risk.

Information about privacy protection can be obtained here.